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This Tear-Jerking Ad Is What Any Parent Struggling to Connect With Their Kid Needs to See

When conceptualizing its latest commercial for Valentine's Day, American Greetings conducted a survey to find out how communication factors into relationships, particularly those between parents and their kids. What it discovered was that although most Americans — roughly 89 percent, according to the Harris poll — recognize that good communication is one of the most important parts of healthy personal connections, one in five parents admit to having difficulty accurately expressing themselves to their children.

With that in mind, it released an ad that touches on those struggles we all have — not just kids or parents — with saying what we really mean. Watch the video, which puts relationships of all kinds in the spotlight, and try to imagine how you'd react the next time your kid slams a door in your face or the next time your daughter says "it's fine" when it's really not. As hard as it might be to believe, they just might be showing you what it means to love.

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