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The Trick 88% of Parents Use to Ensure Their Kids Keep Believing in Santa

Seeing your kids' faces light up at the sound of anything Santa-related is half the fun of the holiday season, so it comes as no surprise that parents will do anything — literally anything — to keep the magic alive for as long as possible. Zulily, an online retailer, did a survey to find out just how far parents will go to keep the spirit of Santa alive, and the results are pretty hilarious.

According to the survey, about nine out of 10 parents (88 percent) eat the cookies and drink the milk left out for Santa, and 40 percent of them even doctor up a handwritten note from St. Nicholas himself. Talk about a win-win in the treat department for parents! The research also found that parents will go so far as to switch up the wrapping paper they use when wrapping their kiddos' presents. Sixty-three percent of parents polled use different wrapping paper for Santa's gifts vs. presents from Mom and Dad.

Good thinking!

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