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How to Celebrate a Birthday That Falls on 9/11

How to Celebrate a Birthday That Falls on 9/11

Dahlia Gruen turned 10 back on September 11th, 2001, the somber date we now observe as Patriot's Day. That year her birthday was a non-starter. No-one was in the mood to attend a party, to sing, to celebrate.

To reclaim her birthday, her dad helped her start a website called, where people "who share their birthday with a national tragedy" have gathered for years to boost each others' spirits. But beyond banding together, as USA Today reports, they've suggested several alternatives to forcing unwelcome merriment onto others, including deferring a birthday party by a few days.

Moms who've given birth on 9/11 share Dahlia Gruen's dilemma and her ability to put a positive spin on it ("Celebrating the goodness born on a tragic date"). As Circle of Moms member Angie S. says, "I feel [that] with death comes life. With unimaginable pain comes an angle to get us through."


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Do you know anyone with a difficult birthday?

Image Source: via Mark Garfinkel / USA TODAY

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MarshaMais MarshaMais 5 years
I dunno about anyone else, possibly because of how i think, but, I came first! 9/11 is MY day. It's a tragedy that the NY tragedy happened at all, but really folks? We're still "mourning' 10 years later? Why not celebrate the fact that we are all alive to see this day every year. Not mourn what is lost and will never return. Nobody is talking about the Oklahoma City bombings and THAT was huge too! Nobody is going on about Columbine. Let the dead rest folks, and celebrate life. I am. My friends are celebrating with me. I'm tired of every time I tell what my birthday is, I get this pity card handed to me. The "oh, i'm sorry" and "wows!' are pissing me the hell off. Don't put off celebrating your life a few days like this article says. Celebrate YOUR life. It is still your day. Take it back!
CoMMember13628026708786 CoMMember13628026708786 5 years
My birthday is September 11th and ever since the tragedy of 9/11 I call it the happy/sad day....
MickiCropp MickiCropp 5 years
My mother was a 9/11 Pentagon victim. She would not want anyone, especially a child to put their birthday on hold, or for anyone to feel that celebrations should not be held on the 11th. She is remembered every day, the good and the bad memories, but we go on, and like has to be lived and celebrated, tomorrow is too uncertain to put today on hold :)
MelodieEllsworth MelodieEllsworth 5 years
Any child with a birthday on a major holiday...everyone wants to be out doing their own thing and forgets the child that is being celebrated. My birthday is on July 4th, and let me tell you that one is a doozy...I couldnt imagine Christmas.
NicoleNewman69347 NicoleNewman69347 5 years
Yes, myself, my ex husband busted my ear on my 25 birthday back in 2001 as well, i tell people i don't want a surprise, because that one was one i definitely could have done without
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