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Mom's Photo of Daughter's Forgotten Poster Board

This Mom's Photo of a Forgotten Roll of Poster Paper Will Crack You Up

Rachel Pavlik thought she was crushing it at the whole "mom thing" after a turbulent interaction with her daughter that led to going out to buy a piece of poster board at 9 p.m. one night. Like your average kid, Rachel's daughter approached her at the last minute possible the night before needing poster paper for school the next day. In a hilarious post to her Facebook page, RachRiot, the mom shared a choppy reenactment of her and her daughter's conversation the night before and what resulted after she won parenting and successfully sent her daughter off to school with her poster board.

"PARENTING IN A NUTSHELL," Rachel starts. "'Mom I need a posterboard.' 'What?' 'I need a posterboard! For tomorrow!' 'Well it's 9 p.m.! When in the hell were you planning on telling me?!' 'I DON'T KNOW!' 'Great.' 'Yeah! I need it now! For tomorrow! I have to have it! *sob*' 'Well go look in the playroom for some.' 'We don't have anyyy! *sniffle* I need a white posterboooaaard!' 'Omg.'"

After heading to CVS for some poster paper with no luck, the mom headed to a second store, where she finally found the item her daughter so desperately needed. Rachel accepted her daughter's praise — "'Oh thank you! Thank you. I love you. You're the best mama!' 'Yeah. I know I am. Go to sleep. I love you.'" — and the next morning, she sent her daughter off to the bus stop with her rolled-up piece of poster paper in hand and wished her a good day.


If you haven't already chuckled at Rachel's oh-so-typical parenting tale just yet, her inner monologue that came after watching her daughter walk around the corner to the bus stop will be enough to make you laugh out loud.

I'm so glad she got her poster board. Whew. Crisis averted.
I'm winning at this mom thing.
Yay me. Hero. I'm the best.
I'm going to go on a walk today.
Beautiful day feeling good. Stretch. I'm walking.
Turn the corner where the bus stop is . . .
Bus came. Kids are gone.
Everyone gone.
Except this.
This. HER G@#%!?#% POSTER BOARD.

Rachel shared a photo of her kid's lonely, forgotten roll of poster board to cap off the hysterical story and shortly after posted an update in the comments featuring a photo of her daughter holding back laughter while lovingly clutching the poster board. The photo is aptly captioned: "REUNITED AND IT FEELS SO . . . GOOD?"

Freakin' kids, amirite?

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