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Woman Pumping Through Liver Failure Proves Moms Are the Most Badass People Out There

One mom went above and beyond to ensure her two twins boys who were born premature at 26 weeks got the breast milk they needed, despite having a liver condition that could cost her her life.

The mom, Melissa, was hospitalized for preeclampsia (a pregnancy complication characterized by superhigh blood pressure that can wreak havoc on your liver or kidneys) 22 weeks into her pregnancy before it developed into HELLP syndrome.

Melissa's sister shared the struggling mama's story on Facebook to prove just how far new mothers will go to make sure their babies are healthy, even though she's most likely going to need a full-on liver transplant herself.


"I know it's not been easy for her with everything going on, but even when she physically struggles to pump, she still does with the help of others," she said. "Here is her pumping while I assisted. She was on four different IV meds as well as many other orals. She even was refusing pain meds to try and make sure there was no concerns with the milk her micropreemies got."

Although both of her children are in the ICU — and one of her boys is still in critical condition — the family is hopeful all three will recover.

If you'd like to support Melissa and her newborn sons, Maverick and Manning, in their journeys to recovery, you can donate to the cause on their Go Fund Me page.

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