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Because Jim Carrey's Grinch Movie Is Arguably "THE" Grinch Movie, There's Concern About the New Film

In the year 2000, in a small theater on Long Island, my mom took me to see How the Grinch Stole Christmas staring Jim Carrey. I was a mere 10 years old, and Jim Carrey was basically my idol, so as the snowflakes began to fall during the opening scene, I got giddy sitting in the dark theater and was so ready to see Carrey as the cuddly-as-a-cactus green grump. Eighteen (!) years later, the Christmas movie still holds a very special place in mine and my family's hearts (if I didn't think she'd disown me, I'd insert a video of my cousin enthusiastically reciting some of the lines). And it appears I'm not alone in this devotion to the holiday classic, as since the trailer dropped for the newest animated adaption, The Grinch, starring Benedict Cumberbatch, the people of the internet have wasted no time sharing their thoughts.

The official Twitter account for the movie shared a video of the trailer on March 8, and users immediately began replying to the tweet, whether excited and in support of the new Grinch, or to share that they were concerned the film wouldn't live up to Carrey's version. Although the new trailer made me literally laugh out loud (it's the physical comedy . . . gets me every time), I'd have to admit I'm in the same camp as the latter — I'm nervous this will become the version overplayed on Freeform over the holidays and that the Grinch I know and love will be lost in the past, never to see the light of day again (though he'd love that, I'm sure).

What are your thoughts? See some of the best reactions to the new trailer ahead, and let us know what you're thinking about the new film.

Image Source: Illumination
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