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Willow Smart Breast Pump

This Is the New Smart Breast Pump That's Blowing Moms' Minds

Breastfeeding isn't easy, and although a breast pump can certainly help busy moms, this common gadget comes with its own set of difficulties. From being loud and cumbersome to feeling painful and disruptive, many breast pumps share common grievances, but one new device is trying to eliminate these problems for new moms.

Introduced at CES 2017 this week, Willow ($430) is the first smart wearable breast pump that fits into a mom's bra, hands free. This new device will be available in the Spring and silently pumps without requiring any of the bulky tubes during the process.

Within the pump's sleek design, there's an internal bag that collects up to four ounces of milk. It can also automatically sense when your body is ready to transition to expression phase without needing to wait for a preset time.


This dishwasher-safe, three-piece device is battery operated, and moms can get a few days out of pumping before having to recharge. It also works with a milk-tracking app that adds an extra element of convenience by recording which side you pump on, the duration of the session, and how much milk you produce.

Since this streamlined pump can fit in a mom's bra without any of the attachments, bottles, or wires, it allows them to multitask with minimal disruption. During trials, moms were able to wear the pump during conference calls and while commuting, according to CNN Money.

The pump's creator, John Chang, designed Willow to be a more discreet option and told CNN that he hopes his product will enable more moms to breastfeed by being quiet and easy to use.

Image Source: POPSUGAR PHOTOGRAPHY / Ann-Marie Alcantara
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