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Tweens and Teens
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Woman's Understanding Your Wife Funny Video

Woman Holds Pretend "Understanding Your Wife" Seminar, and Yup, Can Confirm Her Advice Is Sound

Although it's a cliché, for a lot of women with male partners, it may feel like everything they say goes over their partner's head. Like he can't comprehend the simplest of asks when you propose he do something like wash a dish, or he can't understand how you're feeling even when you told him explicitly that you're not fine by saying, "I'm fine." To help husbands communicate with their wives a bit better, Tiffany Jenkins of Juggling the Jenkins held a pretend "Understanding Your Wife 101" seminar, in which she also hilariously plays the men in attendance.

Throughout the video, Tiffany shared with the "men" what some of the things they frequently hear their wives say actually mean. "Another common phrase probably used by your wife is, 'What did you just say?' Whatever you do, do not repeat yourself. You need to rephrase what you said . . . she heard what you said, she just needs you to fix your sentence," Tiffany said. "If you ever hear your wife saying something like this, 'Don't worry about it,' worry more than you've ever worried in your life."

Hear the rest of Tiffany's hysterical advice in the video above.

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