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How to Travel and Work at the Same Time

How to Travel Around 3 Countries in 3 Months — Without Losing Your Job

There's no dearth of evidence that many Americans place a high value on incorporating work and travel. One survey by reveals that 30 percent of people would accept a lower-paying job if it meant traveling more for work, while ample recent data shows that millennials are traveling more for work than previous generations and they are drawn to jobs that allow them travel opportunities.

But for those of us who don't have a coveted travel-heavy gig, how do we press pause on our work lives to organize and take a big adventure? How does anyone deal with that loss of income for a big chunk of time? Turns out, you may not have to.

A new program offered by The Remote Life arranges for 30 professionals of varying occupations to travel to three Southeast Asian countries together over three months, providing work spaces in each location to ensure no break in workflow (or cash flow). Participants spend one month each in Cambodia, Indonesia, and Thailand, and when not getting down to business in one of the provided coworking spaces, they partake in organized cultural activities and mingle with their work/travel cohorts.

It's not a free program: a monthly fee of $1,300 goes toward a room, 24/7 access to the coworking space, breakfast, and flights between the countries, along with other travel logistics such as visas, travel insurance, etc.

It's a bit like study abroad for the adventurous adult freelance worker: you work remotely, satiate your wanderlust, and meet 29 other presumably cool professionals at the same time. So, where do we sign up?

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