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Tips For Freelance Writers

The Keys to Success For Freelance Writers

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"Is this an insane idea?" — Me

"No, it's a great idea." — My father

That response to my concerns that leaving a well-paying, full-time job to freelance write was completely bonkers was all the support I needed to hear. Within a month, I had officially put in my notice and decided to freelance write full-time, a term that I would soon learn is the ultimate oxymoron.

Nine months later, I'm successfully supporting myself on a salary procured by freelance writing for multiple publications and feeling like my father was right — despite what mainstream society, school counselors, and most parents (aka, those who aren't eccentric artists, like mine) tell us.

Finding the footing to sustain a career of freelance writing isn't easy, but it's also not impossible. Or insane. And if you're going to take the leap, these keys to success will help you land on your feet.

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