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How Prepared are You For Major Financial Milestones?

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We partnered with American Express to help you achieve your credit score goals.

There's no way around it: adulting is hard work. It's a big adjustment when you're finally out of the nest and on your own, having to plan for the future in more actionable ways. But it's also exciting! It's a time for you to feel empowered and take ownership of the trajectory of your life — and not to worry: there are so many resources to help you navigate these new waters.

One of the biggest things you'll need to think about is your credit score. It's one of the most important elements at play when determining if you're able to make big purchases like a home or a car — a better credit score can open the door to lower interest rates, better mortgage options, and even lower monthly car payments. It's also something you'll need to think about down the line if you're thinking about starting a family, or even applying to lease an apartment.

So if you're beginning to plan for these types of big financial milestones, take this quiz to see how prepared you are now and what you need to do to reach those goals. One cool resource is called Score Goals from American Express® MyCredit Guide – it's a free tool that once you enroll can help you set goals to improve your credit score with personalized recommendations. It's available to all U.S. consumers, whether you have an American Express Card or not. So don't worry — you've got this!

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What range does your current credit score fall into?

I’m not sure
Somewhere between 500 and 750
Over 750

How much credit card debt do you have?

A couple hundred, but I’m paying it off
Over $1,000
Balance zero!

Are you paying off any student loans?

I’m almost done paying it off
Ugh, yes, I have a ways to go

How many credit cards are you currently using?

Two or more
One with a bit of debt
One, but I always pay it off to balance zero

How quickly do you pay off your monthly bills?

Usually on time, but sometimes I'm late
I usually get a few past-due notices