9 of the Best Employee Discounts at Major Retail Stores

No one walks into a store wanting to pay full retail price for their favorite items, and with these employee discounts, you won't have to. Offering discounts to employees is a sure-fire way to retain the best of the best and raise morale, but it's more than that. Companies whose employees have tried and tested their products make much more convincing brand ambassadors to an endless stream of shoppers. So whether you're on the hunt for a job with benefits that get your heart pounding or know someone who may have the hookups, take a look at these major retailers to see just how enticing these discounts can get.


Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters employees can take advantage of 25 percent off on a regular basis, but can shop hard at 40 percent off during employee appreciation periods. Their discounts are even available to family and one "significant other."



Nordstrom employees and their dependents are eligible for a 20-percent discount from the retailer. As employees work their way into management roles and receive special recognition, they're offered a 33-percent discount. Hello, incentive.


Macy's and Bloomingdale's

Both Macy's and Bloomingdale's offer employees a 20-percent discount. The deal gets even sweeter when applied to existing sales prices and coupons.


Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic

Taking the cake for one of the best employee discounts under the sun, Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic employees are granted a 50-percent discount on all regularly priced store items. They're also eligible for a 30-percent discount at outlet locations.



J.Crew's unique employee discount structure grants employees 50 percent off on five items they plan to wear to work. This takes outerwear out of the running, but don't worry, they get 30 percent off on all other full-priced items and offer slow-selling items at 60 percent off to employees on a weekly basis.


Victoria's Secret

It pays to stick around at Victoria's Secret. Employees receive 20 percent off for their first two months, then 30 percent off indefinitely.



With rare exceptions, Kohl's employees can enjoy 15 percent off most merchandise. Plus, the retailer offers additional discounts for the team throughout the year.



H&M breaks employee discounts down by department. Team members are eligible for 20 percent off most merchandise with 10 percent off on all small appliances and furniture. On some days, they allow employees a 30-percent discount on everything.



Kmart employees can take advantage of a 20-percent discount on apparel and a 10-percent discount on all other merchandise. They even get 25 percent off of prepared food.