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4-Year-Old Girl Who's Read Over 1,000 Books

This Adorable 4-Year-Old Who's Read Over 1,000 Books Just Had the Best Day of Her Little Life

The Library of Congress welcomed a special visitor on Wednesday: 4-year-old Daliyah Marie Arana from Gainesville, GA, who served as its "librarian for the day." She did so under the wing of Carla Hayden, the first woman and African-American to serve as the Librarian of Congress.

Arana's mother, Haleema Arana, told the Gainesville Times that the special trip meant a lot to her daughter because she is an avid reader herself. Daliyah has already read over 1,000 books and plans to read another 1,500 more before she starts kindergarten in the Fall.

"I like to check out books every day," Daliyah told the newspaper. It is also no surprise that Daliyah has served as the "librarian for the day" at her local library. The 4-year-old bookworm says she hopes to teach other kids her age how to read, which should be no big deal since she reportedly already reads some college-level books with ease.

Daliyah's eventful day at the Library of Congress included a tour of the world's largest library and a chance to meet with members of the library's staff who also took her suggestions on how to make the library even better.

"She just kept saying how the Library of Congress is her most favorite, favorite, favorite library in the whole wide world," Haleema said, revealing that she initially reached out to the library for a chance to have Daliyah visit and extend her interest in reading.

As far as Daliyah's other aspirations? Her mother said she wants to become a paleontologist when she grows up so that she can discover buried dinosaur fossils. Haleema also shares videos of Daliyah reading on her own YouTube channel. Watch one below and prepare to be amazed.

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