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Alec Baldwin's Trump Does Phoenix, Bannon on Weekend Update

Alec Baldwin's "Weekend Update" Skit May Be the Only Thing Crazier Than Trump This Week

Alec Baldwin dropped by "Weekend Update" on Aug. 24 to reprise his all-star imitation of President Donald Trump, and as usual, he did not let us down. Baldwin tackled the solar eclipse, the recent departure of White House aide Steve Bannon, and the wildly unhinged Phoenix, AZ, rally on Aug. 22 in the way that only Saturday Night Live can.

"How about that eclipse, folks, huh?" Baldwin as Trump said, opening the show from behind a podium before ripping into Trump's infamous decision to stare directly at the eclipse despite all logic. "Now, a lot of people don't know this, but you can damage your eyes while looking at an eclipse. No one predicted this. They couldn't have. I figured it out all by myself." While the skit had some jokes that didn't land very well — specifically about Charlottesville, VA, and some of the references to Trump's feelings about race — it serves as a serious reality check about the current behavior of the president. Because real talk, it's not that far off from what we saw from Trump in the lobby of Trump Tower and in the subsequent rally in Phoenix. But it's a nice break from reality, to get to laugh at something that isn't actually happening in real life for once. And did we mention that the Grim Reaper swung by to play the role of Bannon? Because that happened, too.

Watch the clip in full above, but be forewarned that it's probably the only thing that surpasses the crazy we've seen coming out of the White House over the last few weeks and months.

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