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Brexit Social Media Reactions

Shock, Anger, and Humor: Social Media Reactions to the Brexit Vote

On Thursday, a referendum vote was held in the United Kingdom that resulted in the country's decision to leave the European Union. The UK and the EU's 27 other member countries are still reeling from the news, and it remains unclear what the extent of the repercussions of this decision will be. Many took to social media over the weekend to voice their shock and dismay over the Brexit, including celebrities like J.K. Rowling and James Corden, while others used it as a platform to discuss the implications of the vote and what it means for the US. Read on to find out more about Brexit and the satisfaction, outrage, and sarcasm it is inducing around the world.

Anger Over Voter Turnout

The decision to leave or remain was very much divided along age lines, resulting in outrage from young people who were largely against the vote but will now have to endure its consequences the longest.

Celebrities Express Their Remorse

The "leave" vote win came as a surprise to many, especially celebrities like J.K. Rowling who had been adamant in their support for the "remain" camp in the weeks leading up to the referendum.

Others Saw It as Cause For Celebration

Trump, however, failed to realize that Scotland had overwhelmingly voted to remain in the EU. Thankfully, Lily Allen was there to assist.

Fear Over the Implications It Could Have For the EU

In addition to the immediate downturn of the world markets, many fear that the sovereignty of the EU has now been called into question and there is a strong possibility that people in other member nations may want a similar vote in their country.

Sarcasm Regarding the Role of Xenophobia in the Debate

A Warning of the Implications It Could Have For America

Boris Johnson, the former mayor of London and an outspoken supporter of the "leave" campaign, is also a likely contender to replace David Cameron. His similarities to Donald Trump did not escape the notice of people on Twitter.

And General Concern For the State of the World

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