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Chelsea Handler Finds an Intriguing Theory to Explain Trump's Bizarre Actions

Chelsea Handler just launched an intriguing investigation that has captured our attention. In a recent segment on her Netflix show, Chelsea, the comedian delved into a hot topic that has never crossed our minds before: does the POTUS potentially have syphilis, a highly contagious sexually transmitted disease? Handler seems to think so, and though we can't be sure, her argument brought up some pretty valid points that we can't really argue with.

In the segment, Handler focused on a recent article in the New Republic that brought up the possibility of Donald Trump having syphilis. Before presenting her evidence, she prefaced it by saying, "I don't want to act like Donald Trump and just spout out accusations without having any proof whatsoever."

Handler detailed how symptoms of this STD include patchy hair loss, squinting or vision problems, and paranoid thoughts. In addition, when mentioning how syphilis can impair your memory and judgment, Handler played various clips that proved just how contradictory Trump tends to be. For example, after showing a clip in which he claimed to have "never said repeal and replace Obamacare," she immediately followed up with a video in which he said that very phrase.

Whether Trump's bizarre behaviors and hairstyle are due to his apparent syphilis is a question we'll leave up to the medical professionals to settle, but Handler sure does know how to make a decent argument. Watch the entire video above to see what else Handler has to say about the POTUS.

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