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The Daily Show's Trevor Noah on Election Night

Watch Trevor Noah's Heartbreakingly Somber Reaction to the Election Night Results

Following Donald Trump's shocking win on election night, The Daily Show's Trevor Noah isn't laughing. The typically affable talk show host addressed viewers in an honest monologue that evoked the feelings of many voters.

Noah started out his monologue acknowledging his overall disbelief in the results of the presidential race. "This is it. The end of the presidential race and feels like the end of the world," he said. "I'm not gonna lie, I don't know if you've come to the right place for jokes tonight because this is the first time throughout this entire race where I am officially sh*tting my pants."

There were, however, some moments of laughter and levity. Noah joked that Mexico won't be able to afford Trump's proposed wall since the Mexican peso was sinking as polls were closing. He also poked fun at Trump looking over at Melania's ballot as they voted on Nov. 8.

In the end though, Noah ultimately concluded the evening wasn't shaping up to be what he had envisioned. Watch the poignant video above.

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