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Democrats Stage a Sit-In For Gun Control

Congressional Democrats Have Paused Their Gun Control Sit-In

Update: After the congressional GOP opted to adjourn for a recess until July 5 rather than vote, the House Democrats chose to end their sit-in protest on Thursday. According to Rep. John Lewis, the participating representatives will come back "more determined than ever before."

Original: Democratic representatives have staged a sit-in on the House floor, occupying Congress until GOP representatives agree to vote on gun control measures. Led by Georgia Rep. John Lewis, the participating representatives include Hillary Clinton's potential vice presidential pick Elizabeth Warren and California Rep. Janice Hahn. The sit-in is a historic form of protest that harkens back to the Civil Rights movement, and while the Democratic representatives have yet to receive their desired vote, they're getting attention nationwide.

The act of civil disobedience began Wednesday morning, and the representatives have no intention of moving until House Speaker Paul Ryan calls for a vote on measures that would tighten gun control in the United States. They have received words of support from President Barack Obama, and the #NoBillNoBreak Twitter hashtag has over 200K tweets at the time of writing.

While there are no cameras running inside Congress, participating representatives have been tweeting live from the floor. Check out their updates below, then follow along with the protest on Twitter.

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