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Donald Trump Dancing in Saudi Arabia Video

President Trump Dancing in Saudi Arabia Reminded Us Why We Miss Obama

On May 19, Donald Trump embarked on his first trip abroad as president of the United States. His nine-day, five-country foreign trip kicked off with a visit to Saudi Arabia. While there, the president received a warm welcome at Murabba Palace with a lively performance by traditional dancers. Footage of the moment shows Trump attempting to dance along with the performers — albeit awkwardly — swaying from side to side.

The video of Trump dancing speaks for itself — however, it did make us reminisce about all the times former President Barack Obama showed off his savvy dance skills while overseas. Who could forget the time Obama visited Kenya and performed the traditional Lipala dance in 2015? Or when he gracefully danced the tango at the Argentina state dinner last year? Keep reading to relive those special moments that might make you miss Obama even more.

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