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Donald Trump Misspells Media on Twitter December 2017

Despite Obsessively Talking About It, Donald Trump Manages to Misspell "Media"

Donald Trump has a near-pathological obsession with the media. Despite the ongoing investigation into his campaign, cabinet shake-ups, and the splintered state of the nation, the president still manages to tweet about the mainstream media several times per day. With all those tweets, you'd think he'd have the spelling of the word memorized. In fact, Trump's iPhone most likely suggests "media" as a word the second he hits that "m" key.

In a shocking turn of events, however, the president managed to misspell "media" in a recent tweet. In defending his rampant use of social media as his main outlet, the president claimed that quite a large percentage of media coverage about him is negative, as well as untrue, adding, "Much of Mainstream Meadia [sic] has become a joke!"

Was he perhaps referring to ancient tragedy Medea by Euripides? Or Tyler Perry's Madea? Surely he couldn't have misspelled one of his most oft-repeated words ever. Nope, not possible at all.

Image Source: Getty / Mark Wilson
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