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Elizabeth Warren Action Figure

Corruption-Fighting Badass Elizabeth Warren Is Getting the Action Figure She Deserves

A Brooklyn-based design company is honoring Elizabeth Warren in the best way — with one badass action figure. On June 6, FCTRY launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the malleable toy made in the likeness of the senator. The campaign's description states, "Let's turn Elizabeth Warren into an action figure that can bring the fight to the Right!"

Though it may look simple, the action figure is actually quite detailed: she's got a "righteous fist to fight for the middle class, sensible boots to march on Washington, an optimistic smile to give us hope," and more. Warren will be joining the company's other action figures, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. The campaign is currently giving backers the option to purchase four action figures for $75 or buy a single one for $19.

Fortunately, the company has already far exceeded its goal. The campaign will likely run until its end date on July 7, but FCTRY has already amassed a total of $30,877 from 1,042 backers. The original goal was $15,000.


The best part? Warren loves it! She was asked about the action figure in an interview with the Worcester Telegram and said, "I really like that — that's cool. I was sort of hoping for Batman, but I wear too much color to be Batman."

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