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Watch Elizabeth Warren Explain How She Really Feels About Being Silenced on the Senate Floor

On Wednesday night, The Daily Show's Trevor Noah spoke with Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren following the uproar surrounding her silencing on the Senate floor. Though their interview was short, Warren delivered some enlightening words of wisdom about the importance of the letter she was trying to read before she was interrupted.

When Noah asked Warren to comment on the fact that four of her male colleagues were permitted to read the same letter without being silenced, she chose to stay positive, focusing on the strength of Coretta Scott King's words. "It is an amazing letter. It is a letter full of passion, and it's a letter full of heart, and it's a letter full of advice to us," she said. Warren then discussed how that letter from 1986 has a vital lesson for all Americans: the importance of electing "public officials who actually believe in equal rights and equal opportunities for every one of us."

Although she said the Senate simply doesn't have the votes needed to reject nominees like Sessions or Betsy DeVos, she remains hopeful that citizens will step up to the plate in voicing their opinions on these officials. "What we've got to do is count on people all around this country to make their voices heard," she said.


Watch the entire video above, and be sure to read her motivating reaction to Jeff Sessions's official confirmation.

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