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Elon Musk and SpaceX Falcon Heavy Successful Launch to Mars

SpaceX Just Made History With the Successful Launch of the Falcon Heavy

Elon Musk and SpaceX just made history — and provided us all with a very important reminder that outer space is the literal definition of the word cool.

On Feb. 6, millions watched as Musk completed the successful launch of the world's most powerful rocket — the Falcon Heavy — from NASA's Kennedy Space Center, the same Florida base that once sent astronauts to the moon. The 230-foot rocket also dropped its payload successfully; for the foreseeable future, a cherry-red Tesla manned by a test dummy nicknamed Starman will be orbiting Mars, and naturally, it'll be soundtracked by an infinite loop of David Bowie's "Space Oddity."

Musk has publicly acknowledged his ambitions to colonize Mars, and while the resounding success of the Falcon Heavy's first test mission is not to be understated, it's worth noting that this is just the first step toward making that vision possible. But let's not mince words: holy sh*t, was the launch an incredible thing to witness.


Below, watch the epic moment unfold for yourself — and don't say we didn't warn you that you might find yourself searching how to take a SpaceX flight to Mars immediately after seeing the Falcon Heavy touch down.

Image Source: Getty / Jim Watson
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