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Fiona the Baby Hippo

People Can't Help but Celebrate Fiona the Hippo For the Greatest Reason

Fiona showing off her diva face. Fiona tipped the scales at 317 lbs. this morning!! She has caught up weight wise to a full term baby hippo that is the same age.

Posted by Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden on Tuesday, June 20, 2017

When Fiona the hippo was born prematurely at the Cincinnati Zoo, zookeepers weren't certain she'd survive — or that a children's book would be written about her. But that's the beauty of the internet, which made it possible for people to fall in love with Fiona and champion every step she takes to becoming a healthier hippo.

Fiona was born on Jan. 25, arriving six weeks too early and weighing 29 pounds. Her recovery was slow and steady and she started to gain weight and hang out in the water. As she's gotten better, the Cincinnati Zoo's tweeted updates about her health — and the internet couldn't be more excited for her.

Fiona's also received special attention from second and third grade students at Beach Elementary School in Cedar Springs, MI. The group of students created a book about her, available on Amazon for $11, called The Hippopotamus That Didn't Give Up! Hopefully, Fiona keeps up her healthy path — we'll be watching for more cute photos and updates.

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