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Fox News Host Interrogates Fleeing Hurricane Harvey Victims

The 1 Fox News Clip That Sums Up Everything That's Wrong With Fox News

A stunningly tone-deaf clip from a Fox News broadcast during Hurricane Harvey surfaced on Aug. 27, racking up close to a million views on YouTube and enraging all corners of the internet, from Facebook to Reddit and everywhere in between. The clip focuses on a trio of women — one of whom is on crutches! — who are trying to get to safety in the throes of the wind and rain when they're interrupted by a Fox News reporter who begins to interrogate them on the spot. Things went from bad to worse, however, when the women attempted to continue on their way and the reporter stopped them, grabbing one of the women by her raincoat and saying, "My anchor back in New York has one more question." But that reporter isn't actually the worst person in the video — that designation goes to the grade-A assh*le anchor who's manning the desk back in New York who makes all four of them stand there as he asks a totally inappropriate question.

"There was an evacuation order," the anchor says. "Can you perhaps ask why the city didn't evacuate the 20 to 30 blocks along the bayous vs. someplace else? I mean, we haven't had any indication of that. It's like, you know, the Lower Ninth Ward, for example. If officials know you have a low-lying area, should there be an emergency plan to evacuate the low-lying areas?" It should be noted that the entire time the pontificating anchor is talking, the three women are standing there in silence as the reporter listens on and things get increasingly more awkward by the second. Luckily for all four people on camera in Texas, a kind woman in New York intercedes with the pompous anchor, cutting him off before the reporter has a chance to relay the question to the women who are still trying to get to shelter.

It's moments like these that really highlight how detached from reality Fox News has become. While perhaps the women knew the answers to his questions, it certainly wasn't the time for an anchor to ask them — nor was it framed in a way that should ever be directed at innocent bystanders during a natural disaster. Watch the clip in full above, but be prepared to be shaking your head at how ludicrous the whole thing is for the rest of the day.

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