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Glenn Beck Opposed Donald Trump

5 Things You Need to Know Tuesday, Oct. 11

  • Donald Trump can add another Republican to the growing list of those who oppose him. Glenn Beck, the conservative pundit and media personality, wrote a viral Facebook post saying that standing up against Trump is a "moral, ethical choice." He also said that if Trump steps down, it guarantees that the Republican party still has a future.
  • It's not a good day for Samsung. The tech company has officially ended sales and production of the Galaxy Note 7 after multiple reports of the phone setting on fire. In September, the company recalled 2.5 million of the phones over a faulty battery that caused the device to overheat, but new reports came over the weekend that some of the replacement phones were catching fire, too. People who own the device are being urged to turn it off immediately and return it.
  • Actress Shailene Woodley was released from jail hours after getting arrested protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline. The nearly $4 billion project would create a 1,172-mile pipe across four states, and many say it would damage the environment. Woodley streamed her arrest in North Dakota on Facebook Live.
  • We're going to Mars! President Obama announced that the US plans to send humans to the planet by the 2030s and is partnering with private firms to do so. Obama detailed the plan in an essay for CNN and said that within the next two years, astronauts will be sent to the International Space Station for the first time. "Getting to Mars will require continued cooperation between government and private innovators, and we're already well on our way," he wrote.
  • Drake canceled the remainder of his "Summer Sixteen" tour due to an ankle injury and doctor's orders. The three remaining cities were Toronto, Philadelphia, and Newark. His new European tour by the name of "Boy Meets World" kicks off in January.
Image Source: Getty / J Pat Carter
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