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Here's How to Make Multiple Stops in Just 1 Uber Trip

Uber just made our lives even easier, just in time for the official kickoff of the holiday season. On Oct. 26, the ride-sharing app launched a feature called Multiple Destinations, which does exactly what we've all always wanted Uber to do: pick up or drop off multiple people at multiple stops, using just one single ride. No longer do you have to wait for several drivers to arrive before parting ways with your friends at a party, and it makes it even easier to make sure that your significant other or loved one gets to an event on time.

Adding multiple stops in the Uber app is easy. Just tap "where to?" and then click on the plus (+) sign to add the addresses you'd like to stop at on the way to your final destination. The driver is also instantly delivered directions to the next closest stop, removing the insta-headache of trying to explain to a driver how to get to a place that you may or may not have actually tried to drive to before. And the best part? It doesn't even require a commitment. The person who booked the ride can add or delete additional stops at any time throughout the ride, so that means when you get a text from someone who somehow still hasn't left yet, you can instantly swing by and add them to your ride, too.

There are some limitations to Multiple Destinations, but most of them can be accounted for by thinking through your travel plans before starting your ride. First, there is a maximum of three stops per Uber ride, so be sure to take that into consideration while figuring out your ride-sharing plans. Second, there isn't currently a way to map out each rider's cost based on distance, so you'll be splitting the ride equally across everyone you pick up — and if you know that someone in your crew is a stickler, you probably want to have that conversation before you arrive at your destination. And third, the feature is not compatible with UberPOOL, which means that you can't just try and split a more costly ride over the cost of three random people on the way to where you're going.

Multiple Destinations is available in the Uber app now, and for more information on the new feature, head on over to the Uber site.

Image Source: Uber
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