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How to Resist Trump

10 Ways to Join the Resistance and Fight Back Against Trump Right Now

How to Resist Trump
Image Source: Getty / Kena Betancur

Whether you've seen it on social media, read about it in the news, or heard people talking about it on the street, there's a multifaceted movement against President Donald Trump that's been gaining steam over the months and years since he first announced his candidacy. Intrigued? From grassroots organizing to shaping fresh new candidates, people across the country are coming together to join the Trump resistance — and doing what they can to fight back against the administration, in every imaginable way.

That being said, it's often hard to figure out just how to join the movement, as there are so many groups devoted to the cause. So, we've pulled together 10 easy ways you can join the revolution right now — and stand up for what you believe in today.

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