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Jake Tapper Takes Down Trump's Fake News Comments

Oh Snap! Watch Jake Tapper Eviscerate Trump's Recent "Fake News" Comments

Jake Tapper lists a few of Trump's "conspiracy theories"

"The media, of course, did not fire General Flynn... what the media did do was reveal to the nation that General Flynn had lied to the country and to the Trump team." Jake Tapper slams President Donald J. Trump's latest accusation of "fake news"

Posted by CNN on Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A round of applause for Jake Tapper, please. The CNN anchor ripped apart President Donald Trump's recent "fake news" comments in a three-minute segment that's going viral.

On Wednesday morning, President Trump unleashed a series of critical tweets concerning reports from outlets like The New York Times and CNN about his administration. First, Trump's national security adviser, Mike Flynn, resigned after news broke that he had lied about speaking to a Russian ambassador about US sanctions. On Tuesday, reports from government officials said his aides had repeated contact with Russian intelligence officials during the election. In response to the scandals, Trump tweeted that the "fake news media" has been spreading these "conspiracy theories."

"The media, of course, did not fire General Flynn," said Tapper. "What the media did do was reveal to the nation that General Flynn had lied to the country and to the Trump team, including Vice President Pence, when he claimed he never discussed Obama's sanctions on Russia with the Russian ambassador."

Tapper went on to explain how these stories were not conspiracy theories but legitimate news stories. "How do I illustrate what a conspiracy theory is?" he asked before showing news clips of Trump claiming that Ted Cruz's father was connected to Lee Harvey Oswald and that President Barack Obama wasn't born in the US.

The kicker, though, comes when Tapper rips apart Trump for complaining about information leaks, pointing out how he's against them now but fully supported them when they were about Hillary Clinton's email server during the campaign. "It's worth pointing out it's not a moral position if you only hold it when it applies to you," said Tapper.

Image Source: NBC

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