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Justin Trudeau Takes Ivanka Trump to Play About Foreigners

Justin Trudeau Took Ivanka Trump to a Play, and the Whole Thing Reeks of Symbolism

Justin Trudeau and Ivanka Trump are giving people more to talk about besides those viral memes of them together. On March 15, the Canadian prime minister invited Ivanka to a musical on Broadway called Come From Away. The premise? Canada's willingness to accept foreigners stranded in Newfoundland after their flights were diverted following 9/11.

Per the play's description, "In a heartbeat, 38 planes with 6,579 passengers were stranded in a remote town in Newfoundland. The locals opened their hearts and homes, hosting this international community of strangers — spurring unexpected camaraderie in extraordinary circumstances."

The significance of Trudeau's guest choice was rich given President Donald Trump's attitude toward foreigners and refugees.


Trudeau addressed the audience (which also included more than 100 global ambassadors, according to The New York Times) and said the play was about "being open, being engaged and knowing that drawing together through dark times is what is very best for the human spirit."

All of this happened on the same day that President Trump's second travel ban was blocked and while he was hosting a rally in Nashville, TN. Maybe Ivanka will fill him in on the play's importance — or he can go see it himself.

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