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Lesbian Couple Paints Their House Rainbow

This Lesbian Couple Had the BEST Response to a Neighborhood Troll

Lisa Licata and Sherry Lau of Penn Hills, PA, have been dealing with a bigoted neighbor for about four years. Luckily, it seems like they've found a way to get the last word. On Aug. 25, Lau posted a picture on her Facebook account of them painting the side of their house in rainbow colors. Local news station WTAE was on the scene shortly thereafter and interviewed the couple about the ordeal. "I don't want to be friends, I just want to be left alone," Lau said. "I just want it to stop."

According to WTAE, the couple have been living in their house for five years, and the trouble started when their neighbor made a bigoted remark. Once they became aware of the nature of their relationship, the neighbors, named Ron Makay and Iolanda Wieczorkowski, began to verbally harass them with slurs like "homos" and "dykes." Two years ago, the couple put up a fence with a rainbow flag on it. When their neighbor made a complaint about the fence, they decided to double down and paint their house as well.

In addition to the paint situation, Makay has also been charged by the Penn Hills police for animal cruelty and discharging an air rifle; he allegedly shot Lau and Licata's dog last month and is currently awaiting trial. Local news could not get a comment from Makay, but his attorney denies the gunshot allegations and says he looks forward to his day in court.


WTAE reports that the side of the house is just the beginning; Lau and Licata plan to paint the entire house in rainbow colors. "This is the 21st century," Licata told WTAE. "We live here, we're not moving. My family accepts us. Our friends accept us. If you don't like it, just live your life, leave us alone, and everything's cool.

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