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Man Writes Police Officer Thank You Letter For Arresting Him

Why This Man's Letter to the Police Officer Who Arrested Him Is Going Viral

After arresting a local man for driving under the influence over the Summer, Tyrone, GA, police officer Jacob Collins never expected to hear from him again — let alone receive a "thank you" note for his arrest. But according to a Facebook post by the Tyrone police department, Police Chief Brandon Perkins was delivered a letter on Monday from the drunk driver, applauding Sergeant Collins for saving his life and the lives of others.

I got this letter in the mail today from a gentleman that Sgt. Collins arrested for DUI a few months ago. I believe it...

Posted by Tyrone Police Department on Monday, November 16, 2015

"I write to express my thanks and gratitude to Officer Jacob Collins . . . He saved my life and the lives of others, and I truly appreciate his actions and his efforts," wrote the arrestee, whose identity is being kept anonymous by the Tyrone Police Department. The man, who has since been tried and sentenced to probation, went on to explain that he appreciated his arresting officer's professionalism and fair judgment — especially during a time when many police officers' good choices are overshadowed by controversy.

"I do not like being on probation, and I do not enjoy paying a series of fines, fees and insurance hikes; however I am grateful to be alive," the man's letter concluded. "I thank Officer Collins and your entire department." When sharing the thank-you note with the public, Chief Perkins emphasized that police-civilian interactions are not always negative, even in the case of an arrest.

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