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Is Mike Pence Dropping Out?

Is Mike Pence Trying to Be Removed From Trump's Ticket?

While discussing his stance on Syria during the second presidential debate, Donald Trump said he disagreed with his running mate, Mike Pence. Coupled with Pence's distancing himself from Trump in the wake of his leaked lewd commentary about women, could there be trouble with the Republican ticket?

Trump's onstage comments are troubling because he is vocally disagreeing with his running mate's policy on Syria, suggesting there's a fundamental breakdown in their partnership.

Rumors were abuzz on Twitter that Pence wanted to drop out. Here's what people were saying.

Considering 57 Republican members of Congress and governors have renounced their support for Trump, aligning with him could soon be the political equivalent of wearing a scarlet letter.

Pence, apparently unfazed by Trump's brazen disagreement with him, sent this tweet after the debate. It is worth noting that his tweet could have been scheduled, since he was otherwise quiet during the debate.

Image Source: Getty / Steve Pope
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