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Monopoly Man at Equifax CEO Richard Smith's Senate Hearing

The Monopoly Man Crashed a Senate Hearing, and It Was Glorious

A brave individual dressed as Rich Uncle Pennybags — better known as the mascot from the board game Monopoly — crashed a Senate hearing on Oct. 4, and it could not have possibly been more perfect.

Pennybags made an appearance during the testimony of Former Equifax CEO Richard Smith, who was detailing the company's 2017 breach that left 145.5 million Americans with their most sensitive financial and personal data — including Social Security numbers, birth dates, and full legal names — exposed. Government accountability advocacy group Public Citizen took credit for the stunt via Twitter, saying, "We sent the Monopoly man to the #Equifax hearing to send a message: Forced arbitration gives @Equifax a monopoly over our justice system."

Naturally, the internet was quite pleased to have something hilarious to focus on after days upon days of bad news and celebrated the perfect placement of the iconic figure above Smith's shoulder during the hearing.

If you're intrigued by the proceedings and not just by the Monopoly Man, head on over to The Wall Street Journal for full coverage live from Capitol Hill.

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