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Nikon's Excuse For Leaving Female Photographers Out of Its New Campaign Is Truly Lame

Japanese camera company Nikon recently invited a slew of professional photographers (32, to be exact) to test out its new camera for a campaign โ€” but there was one major problem. It seems that out of the nearly three dozen photographers tapped for the campaign, not a single one of them was a woman.

Of course, female photographers were quick to point out the sexist gaffe on Twitter, calling out the company for its huge error. Many of them pointed out that they were longtime customers of the brand as well.

And in response to the wave of (valid) criticism, Nikon issued this lackluster nonapology:

In the tweet, Nikon claimed that the female photographers originally invited to participate in the campaign were "unable to attend," which frankly seems like the PR-approved equivalent to "my dog ate my homework," considering the wealth of talented female photographers out there. However, the company did at least confess that it "had not put enough of a focus on this area" โ€” so at least there's one point we can all confidently agree on.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Emily Faulstitch
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