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Pictures of the Donald Trump Food Truck in Portland

This Donald Trump-Inspired Food Truck Promises to Waste Your Time and Money

One food truck in Portland is getting loads of attention for its particularly timely name and menu. The gaudy, gold truck is "inspired" by Donald Trump and only serves one food item: baloney sandwiches.

The over-the-top truck is a creation of Wieden+Kennedy, a local advertising agency. Though it only offers baloney sandwiches, the food truck does have a full menu with items like The Baloney Working-Class Hero and The Baloney America-First Hero.

Visitors of the truck have since taken to Twitter and Instagram to share pictures of it with the hashtag #TrumpServesBS. The truck is a temporary stunt and will make its next appearance at the Pioneer Courthouse Square in Portland, OR, on Saturday starting at 11 a.m. As one "patron" noted in the tweet shown below, however, the wait-time can last an hour or more.

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