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President Obama's Funny Video About Early Voting

Type A People Will Relate to President Obama's Hilarious New Video About His Greatest Strength

What's President Obama's greatest strength? "Probably that I'm always early," he says in a funny new video for Hillary Clinton's campaign. POTUS and his staffers crack some jokes about how he's early for everything, including 6 a.m. meetings and matchups against LeBron James, and how it's the reason for him yelling at Bill Clinton to hurry up onto Air Force One.

"Probably my favorite thing to do early is voting," he says, explaining how it allows voters the flexibility to choose a date and time that works for them. The president isn't just all talk, either; he cast an early vote for the November election during a stop in Chicago at the beginning of October. Register to vote — or double-check that you're registered — by using this easy tool, and then spread the word so others can do the same.

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