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Saudi Woman Snapchat Video

A Woman Who Wore a Miniskirt in Saudi Arabia Was Detained by Police

Update: The Riydah police have released the woman after questioning her and did not charge her with a crime, reports The Washington Post.
Original story:
One seemingly innocent Snapchat video is now the center of a heated debate in Saudi Arabia. A Snapchat user by the name of Khulood filmed a woman wearing a miniskirt and crop top walking around in Ushayqir. The woman's clothing attire isn't allowed in the country, and she was consequently detained by police. Outcry on social media has led both to people coming to her defense and people wanting her to be put on trial.
The video was posted over the weekend and quickly made waves across the internet due to the woman's clothing choices. In Saudi Arabia, women are required to wear an abaya, which is loose-fitting clothing, and cover their hair. The police have since arrested the woman, reports The New York Times. In a police statement, the woman said "the viral videos were published by an account attributed to her without her knowledge," according to CNN. In addition, a tweet posted by Presidency of the Commissions for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice on July 16 also stated that the agency was looking into the video and would take "necessary steps" to address the situation.
The controversy comes from two conflicting viewpoints in the country: those who feel the woman violated the country's laws and should be prosecuted and those who believe the country is hypocritical when it comes to enforcing its dress-code laws. For example, Twitter user Fatima al-Issa tweeted that Saudi Arabia loves to celebrate "foreigners" and their beauty, "but because she is Saudi they are calling for her arrest." Others pointed out that neither First Lady Melania Trump nor Ivanka Trump adhered to the dress code when they visited the country. Another tweet put Ivanka Trump's face on the woman's body.

We've reached out to Snapchat for comment and will update if we hear back.

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