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With Trump, sometimes you don't need to do anything — his actions speak for themselves. In this segment from Late Night With Seth Meyers, several clips of Donald Trump actively contradicting himself before and after becoming president need no explanation — though, luckily for us, Meyers added a bit of commentary anyway.

Meyers included a statement where Trump's administration bragged about the president's heavy-handed use of executive orders during his first 100 days in office — 30 orders, to be exact — then showed several video examples of Trump heavily criticizing Barack Obama using executive action. "For every Trump action, there's an equal and opposite clip," joked Meyers, who went on to lampoon the president's love-hate relationship with Senator Chris Christie and give a comical recap of Ivanka Trump's uncomfortable appearance on a German women's panel.

A clip of Trump discussing his plans for a Mexican border wall continued the theme of flip-flopping. "After initially insisting on money for the wall, Trump finally relented and indicated that the border wall funding could wait until September," Meyers states, before showing a clip where Trump shrugs at the idea of any set timeline for the wall. "He's like a dad who made the mistake of mentioning Disneyland to his kids," pointed out Meyers.

Meyers ended the bit with a transcript from an Associated Press interview with the president, wherein many of Trump's words are entirely unintelligible. To sum it up, Meyers quipped, "Trump's answers are literally just Mad Libs now." Give the video a watch, and you'll see how the clips speak for themselves.

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