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Stephen Colbert Segment on Trump and Putin Vacations

Some People Are Really, Really Not Buying Trump's "Working Vacation"

Stephen Colbert is less than impressed by Donald Trump's 17-day "working vacation," on which he embarked this week. On the Aug. 7 episode of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, the host went in on the president's lengthy getaway to his own Bedford, NJ, golf resort. "He's there to relax after months of grueling golf at Mar-a-Lago," Colbert quipped. He also took aim at Trump's tweets insisting he'll still be doing business as usual from afar. "Meetings and calls!" Colbert marveled. "Trump has to do all that during his vacation? Wow, I would not want to work for Vladimir Putin."

Speaking of Putin, the Russian leader himself is also enjoying a vacation in Siberia, sharing photos of himself sunbathing shirtless and enjoying the great outdoors. Colbert deemed Putin's trip as more appealing than Trump's, adding, "I would love to go on a bro-down fishing trip with Vladimir Putin. I bet it'd be so much fun, I'd never come back."

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