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Texas Newscaster Talks About Transgender Wrestler Mack Beggs

This Compassionate Plea For a Transgender Wrestler Came From an Unlikely Source

"I don't understand his world...but I do understand he is a part of mine." HANSEN UNPLUGGED:

Posted by WFAA on Monday, February 27, 2017

At the end of February, transgender wrestler Mack Beggs gained national notice when he won the title in the state wrestling championship for girls. Beggs, who identifies as male, was reportedly forced to compete in the sport's girls' division by University Interscholastic League because of the gender he was assigned at birth. The controversy has been referred to as a "no-win situation," because Beggs was forbidden from participating in the boys' division, but many believe that his testosterone therapy (as part of his transition process) gives him an unfair advantage.

In the wake of the contentious victory, much of the controversy has been aimed at the UIL. Would the group reconsider its antiquated gender policy? This week, an unexpected show of support came from Texas sports anchor Dale Hansen, who took it upon himself to tackle the issue head-on. "Maybe I just hoped that in 2017, we would be done arguing about birth certificates, but obviously we're not," he begins. He then goes into an impactful two-minute speech about giving Beggs the compassion he needs during such a formative time in his life. "He needs our support, and he does not a group of old men in Austin telling him who to wrestle because of a genetic mix-up at birth." Watch the moving monologue above in full.

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