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Tobias Ellwood Tries to Save Officer in London Attack

1 Man Made a Heroic Effort to Save the Officer Stabbed in the Westminster Attack

On March 22, an officer was stabbed outside of the Houses of Parliament in London during what is being investigated as a possible terror attack. All told, five people were killed and 40 were hurt in the assault. Amid all the chaos, British Foreign Office Minister Tobias Ellwood rushed to the aid of the wounded officer at the scene to perform CPR. Images of Ellwood's blood-stained hands and face have now gone viral on the internet, with commentators thanking Ellwood for his heroic gesture. Ellwood reportedly lost his own brother during the 2002 terror attack in Bali. As more details emerge from the attack in London, read some of the inspiring messages of gratitude people are sending Ellwood:

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