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Trevor Noah on Donald Trump's Congressional Address (Video)

Trevor Noah on Trump's Latest Speech: "It's Not Hamilton, but It's a Pretty Good Act"

In the aftermath of Donald Trump's congressional address on Feb. 28, The Daily Show's Trevor Noah took on the notion that the speech was a success because the president seemed more composed or "presidential."

At the start of the segment, which aired the night after Trump's address, Noah mocked the customary rebuttal speech. The Democratic response this year was given by former Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear. In his rebuttal, Beshear notably fumbled when he said, "I'm a proud Democrat, but first and foremost, I'm a proud Republican." (He was reportedly intending to say he was a proud Democrat and proud American.) Given the gaffe, Noah suggested that perhaps Beshear should present the best picture category at next year's Academy Awards.

Moving on to the actual address, Noah blasted journalists for commending the president on his calmer demeanor. "All he did was read off a teleprompter," Noah shouted. "You don't have to be a genius to figure out that Donald Trump is playing you."

Noah then shared clips of Trump talking about how it easy it was to act presidential while campaigning prior to the election. In one speech, Trump sarcastically imitated how presidents typically act whenever they address a crowd. The most infuriating part, Noah argued, is that he ended up acting that exact same way during his congressional address. In a final dig, Noah said: "It's not Hamilton, but it's a pretty good act."

Image Source: Comedy Central
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