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Trump Tweets Obama Eclipse Meme and Rant With Bad Grammar

This Is Why Trump Should Never Be Allowed on Twitter

"I don't do twitterstorms," President Donald Trump informed the audience at a Phoenix, AZ, rally on Aug. 22. But in the 215 days since he took the oath of office, nobody in the White House has managed to work up enough courage to take away his personal phone, so Aug. 24 began in the way that most days in the last 215 have: with a Trump "twitterstorm." What's notable about this day in particular is not only that he butchered English grammar but that he showed he's completely tone deaf when it comes to memes. Bottom line? The president is really bad at Twitter and should probably heed my earlier advice of embracing the motto of "never tweet." But let's step back a second and look at what we got from the Oval Office this morning.

First, Trump made sure that everyone knew that it was him at the keyboard and not a social media lackey by typing not one but two different tweets with egregious grammar mistakes. Both of the errors were homophones — "their" instead of "there" and "to" instead of "too" — and while he would quickly delete both mistaken word choices and replace them with the correct ones, what came across was a fury-driven, manic individual who is too emotional to think about what he's saying (or in this case, typing.)

Second, Trump retweeted one of the least funny, most dated, and borderline racist memes we've seen in a while — and let's be honest, calling the photo a meme is a bit of a stretch. Self-proclaimed "YouTube actor" Jerry Travone tweeted a photograph of Trump "eclipsing" Barack Obama in response to Trump throwing down with Congress over the debt ceiling. If you're looking for a correlation between the two things, don't — every time Trump vomits his thoughts into the internet, he receives thousands of responses from people looking to capitalize on Trump's massive following, regardless of what the tweet says. But to go back to the initial point: the meme wasn't funny, the eclipse is somewhat passé, and honestly, what is the president doing reading those thousands of responses to his tweets, anyway? Isn't he supposed to be running the country?


All of this is to say that perhaps the president or someone in his inner circle needs to rethink what he's doing on the internet, as he doesn't seem to be very good at putting forth a clear message and is becoming sloppy in his decision-making and self-editing. And perhaps it's time to take a Twitter hiatus, or for someone at the White House — here's looking at you, General Kelly — to finally take away his phone once and for all. The American people could use a break.

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