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Video of What It Means to Be an Immigrant

This 2-Minute Video About What It Means to Be an Immigrant Will Give You Major Chills

The word "immigrant" may have become politicized this election, but a new video reminds us that it's beautiful word with profound personal meaning. On Saturday, actor Wilmer Valderrama introduced the video during the RiseUp as One concert, which took place in San Diego by the US-Mexico border. The event was meant to celebrate immigration and cultural diversity, and the video captured this spirit perfectly.

Valderrama briefly talked about his immigration story before cutting to a montage featuring immigrants who say they're "sick and tired of people using this word to bully, demean, and spread hatred." In less than two minutes, we see people from various countries like Argentina, Canada, Lebanon, and Iran share their stories about being (or knowing) immigrant architects, artists, soccer coaches, chefs, doctors, and teachers. Their goal is to take "back the power, beauty, and joy of this word," and it's powerful thing to witness.

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