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Not Satire: West Virginia's Governor Literally Put Poop on a Platter to Prove a Point

Poop and politics are not exactly an unlikely pairing, but physical poop, handled by real politicians, that is unexpected. But the West Virginia governor just did exactly that. While attempting to demonstrate his opinion of the state's recently passed budget on April 13, Jim Justice brought out three props to illustrate his impending veto โ€” one of which was literal bullsh*t.

According to local newspaper the Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Justice "served" the congress a completely inedible menu of metaphorical opinions: a "nothing burger," a "mayonnaise sandwich," and "political you-know-what."

Rejecting the state's $4.1 billion budget, Justice criticized the state legislature for passing a bill which would ultimately hurt West Virginians. The West Virginia Metro News reports that the Republican-helmed budget would cut $110 million, which would make the state's fund below rating agency standards.


Justice's budget, by comparison, is apparently not cow manure: his proposal would controversially raise the state's sales tax by half a cent, which Republicans have rejected.

"For that very reason, I'm signing my name on the budget veto," Justice told the senate. "I hope and pray that the silliness will stop and we'll do the right thing."

A close up, for those so inclined, of the unappetizing "meal" is ahead.

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