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Which Senators Support Bombing Syria?

68 Senators Who Support Trump's Decision to Bomb Syria — From Both Sides of the Aisle

President Donald Trump has accomplished yet another stunning policy reversal. On April 6, despite maintaining a noninterventionist position on Syria during his campaign, President Trump launched 59 Tomahawk missiles on a Syrian airbase. This followed President Bashar al-Assad reportedly authorizing a chemical weapons attack which killed 70 civilians. Trump described the strike as a warning to Assad. "It is in this vital national security of the United States to prevent and deter the spread and use of deadly chemical weapons," Trump said in a news conference announcing the action from his Mar-A-Lago estate.

It's quite clear that if there is one policy a wide range of Democrats and Republicans can agree on, it's that American intervention in Syria is not only necessary — it's laudable. A mere six senators have publicly opposed the airstrike, while 31 have vocally endorsed the president and another 38 tentatively endorsed it pending congressional approval. Below is a list of senators from across the political spectrum who have released statements or commented in favor of the assault, both unconditionally and with reservations.

1. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer from New York.

2. Democratic Senator Bill Nelson from Florida.

3. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham from South Carolina.

4. Republican Senator John McCain from Arizona.

5. Republican Senator Marco Rubio from Florida.

6. Democratic Senator Tammy Baldwin from Wisconsin.

7. Democratic Senator Michael Bennet from Colorado.

8. Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal from Connecticut.

9. Republican Senator John Boozman from Arkansas.

He released a statement of support on his website, though he expressed reservations about further action.

10. Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown from Ohio.

11. Republican Senator Richard Burr from North Carolina.

12. Republican Senator Shelley Moore Capito from West Virginia.

13. Democratic Senator Ben Cardin from Maryland.

14. Democratic Senator Bob Casey from Pennsylvania.

15. Republican Senator Susan Collins from Maine.

16. Republican Senator Bob Corker from Tennessee.

17. Republican Senator John Cornyn from Texas.

18. Democratic Senator Catherine Cortez Masto from Nevada.

19. Republican Senator Tom Cotton from Arkansas.

20. Republican Senator Mike Crapo from Idaho.

21. Republican Senator Ted Cruz from Texas.

22. Republican Senator Steve Daines from Montana.

23. Democratic Senator Joe Donnelly from Indiana.

24. Democratic Senator Tammy Duckworth from Illinois.

25. Democratic Senator Dick Durbin from Illinois.

26. Republican Senator Joni Ernst from Iowa.

27. Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein from California.

28. Republican Senator Jeff Flake from Arizona.

29. Republican Senator Deb Fischer from Nebraska.

30. Republican Senator Cory Gardner from Colorado.

31. Democratic Senator Al Franken from Minnesota.

32. Democratic Senator Maggie Hassan from New Hampshire.

33. Democratic Senator Martin Heinrich from New Mexico.

He released a statement in favor of Trump's strike without reservations.

34. Democratic Senator Heidi Heitkamp from North Dakota.

35. Republican Senator Dean Heller from Nevada.

36. Republican Senator John Hoeven from North Dakota.

He released a statement unconditionally supporting the airstrike.

37. Republican Senator Jim Inhofe from Oklahoma.

38. Republican Senator Johnny Isakson from Georgia.

39. Republican Senator Ron Johnson from Wisconsin.

40. Republican Senator John Kennedy from Louisiana.

41. Independent Senator Angus King from Maine.

He released a statement supporting the airstrike with reservations.

42. Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar from New Mexico.

43. Republican Senator James Lankford from Oklahoma

44. Democratic Senator Joe Manchin from West Virginia.

45. Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill from Missouri.

Released a statement unconditionally supporting the airstrike.

46. Republican Senator Mitch McConnell from Kentucky.

47. Democratic Senator Bob Menendez from New Jersey.

48. Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski from Alaska.

She released a statement unconditionally supporting the airstrike.

49. Democratic Senator Patty Murray from Wyoming.

50. Republican Senator David Perdue from Georgia.

51. Democratic Senator Gary Peters from Michigan.

52. Democratic Senator Rob Portman from Ohio.

53. Republican Senator Jim Risch from Idaho.

He expressed his support of the airstrikes in an interview with The Spokesman-Review.

54. Republican Senator Pat Roberts from Kansas.

55. Republican Senator Mike Rounds from South Dakota.

56. Republican Senator Ben Sasse from Nebraska.

57. Republican Senator Tim Scott from South Carolina.

58. Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen from New Hampshire.

59. Republican Senator Richard Shelby from Alabama.

60. Republican Senator Luther Strange from Alabama.

61. Republican Senator Dan Sullivan from Alaska.

62. Republican Senator John Thune from South Dakota.

63. Republican Senator Thom Tillis from North Carolina.

64. Democratic Senator Chris Van Hollen from Maryland.

65. Democratic Senator Mark Warner from Virginia.