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Who Are Bernie Sanders Supporters?

Bernie Sanders Fans Answer the 1 Question on Everyone's Minds

Bernie Sanders fans — they're just a bunch of naive kids who believe in unicorns and wizards, right? That's the belief comedian and talk show host Samantha Bee set out to debunk when she got a diverse group of Sanders supporters in a room to talk about the presidential candidate. She asked how they'd describe Hillary Clinton in one word, what the biggest shared trait among Sanders supports is, and what they'd want him to achieve first in office.

The Sanders fans also recalled how they voted for President Barack Obama and had hopes for him to pass more progressive legislation but that he was stopped by conservatives in Congress. When Bee asked how they think Sanders can implement his ideas since he'll face the same pushback from conservatives, they answer that the American people will stay motivated enough to put pressure on elected leaders by protesting. Unsurprisingly, she doesn't buy it: "Have you met people?"

Watch the full clip and then check out that time Bee tried to understand Trump supporters.

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