Melania Trump Has Zero Interest in Holding Donald Trump's Hand — and the Internet Notices

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If there's one person on the planet capable of rejecting President Trump's requests (without enduring the wrath of his Twitter fury), it's Melania Trump. Proving her prowess, Trump was seemingly unamused by the President's gesture toward her hand as they deplaned from Air Force One in Israel on May 22. The First Lady's response to a proposed handhold? She swatted the President's hand away . . . and it's all wonderfully captured on video.

There's wide speculation online about Melania Trump's apparent, latent scorn for her husband — and there's a lot of proof to suggest that their relationship is not exactly puppies and rainbows. At the inauguration, a camera spotted Trump's clenched smile fade to a frown with near cartoonish quality — the moment was real, but it sure looked like it could have been edited.

Then there's the simple fact that Trump rarely posted pictures of her and her husband on social media before he took office. Between June 2012 and June 2015, Trump tweeted 470 photos and only one of the photos showed her with her husband. Since her husband won the election, Trump has also delayed moving to the White House from New York City, prompting further speculation about their relationship.

We may never know the intricacies of Melania and Donald's relationship (unless, of course, she writes a book about her experience as First Lady), but their public interactions certainly imply emotional distance.