Amber Ruffin Reminds Everyone If You Can Say Timothée Chalamet, You Can Say Kamala Harris

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Despite what GOP Sen. David Perdue might claim, it isn't difficult to pronounce Kamala Harris's name. Amber Ruffin reminded everyone of that fact during a recent segment on her late-night show, when she wrapped up her monologue by going through other seemingly "difficult" names that white people seem to have no trouble saying: Timothée Chalamet, Saoirse Ronan, Emily Ratajkowski, and more.

Ruffin calls the refusal to learn the Democratic VP nominee's name what it really is: an act of racism. This deliberate ignorance is all too familiar for POC — especially Black people — and Ruffin notes that the Black community takes great pride in their names. They're a symbol of freedom and power. "We created names that fill up your lungs, your chest, and your whole mouth when you say them out loud," Ruffin said. "So fix your mouth and say it right." Watch the powerful clip, starting at 7:37, above. "This is the Amber Ruffin Show, and don't you forget it."